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Hello, beautiful.

30 Mar

In earlier posts, I had told you I was saving up for a beautiful KitchenAid Mixer. Well, guess what ladies and gentlemen! She’s here and her name is Juno. Thanks to some awesome survey sites and an amazing rebate I was able to get my professional 6 Qt. mixer. I must say, it was love at first sight.

This is Juno in action. She makes me counter space look even smaller than my coffee pot does. Luckily, we just rent right now and I still have a chance to get a gigantic kitchen for all my baking needs.  I just won’t hold my breathe.

After all this bragging, I did want to say I tried making some healthy granola bars and failed miserable. It was very crumbly, but the taste was tremendous. I think it needed more ooey, gooey honey mixture and to be packed a lot firmer.

I had dried pineapple, rice crispy, rolled oats, dark chocolate, peanut butter chips, roasted corn, honey, brown sugar, and butter.

It sure did taste good. 😀 I’ll definitely post the recipe when I get this big boy tamed to my liking!