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Neglected Bloggypoo.

28 Nov


Long time no see, bloggy pants. I have realized just how hard it is to do anything with a very active 17 month old. I haven’t really baked in the last month due to moving. I did, however, make 6 pumpkin rolls and a pumpkin cheesecake for the family dessert on Thanksgiving. I bought some pie pumpkins this summer that I had baked off and froze. I didn’t hear any complaints, so they must have done the trick just the same.

I’ve decided I’m more of a find recipes that may sound delicious and try them kind of girl. Sometimes, I forget to write where the recipe comes from. So, what I’m saying is a lot of the recipes I try I can’t post because I don’t know who to give the credit to. Pretty crappy, I know. I have to start recording things better.

Here’s to a new start and better blogging!


Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

14 May

So, I haven’t blogged in quite awhile. I feel horribly guilty. I have had so much going on. I have indeed done some baking and even found a new love. I absolutely love the “crumb boss’ on youtube. She does have a blog, but it’s not the most appealing website. Anyway, I want to learn more on cake decorating. I think I have become obsessed with learning and trying.

Hello, beautiful.

30 Mar

In earlier posts, I had told you I was saving up for a beautiful KitchenAid Mixer. Well, guess what ladies and gentlemen! She’s here and her name is Juno. Thanks to some awesome survey sites and an amazing rebate I was able to get my professional 6 Qt. mixer. I must say, it was love at first sight.

This is Juno in action. She makes me counter space look even smaller than my coffee pot does. Luckily, we just rent right now and I still have a chance to get a gigantic kitchen for all my baking needs.  I just won’t hold my breathe.

After all this bragging, I did want to say I tried making some healthy granola bars and failed miserable. It was very crumbly, but the taste was tremendous. I think it needed more ooey, gooey honey mixture and to be packed a lot firmer.

I had dried pineapple, rice crispy, rolled oats, dark chocolate, peanut butter chips, roasted corn, honey, brown sugar, and butter.

It sure did taste good. 😀 I’ll definitely post the recipe when I get this big boy tamed to my liking!

Fighting one pound at a time

25 Feb

Hi, I am officially 19 pounds lighter and I feel great! I have been struggling along and I am so proud that I have gotten this far. Since I have a love for baking, it’s even harder. I am cutting back on my diet Pepsi, which I like to call my lifeline. I have only suffered extreme headaches. My husband hates those nights. I have an elliptical that I’m finally getting used to. At first, I thought my knees where going to snap off.

I have some sad news to go along with this excitement. I have pretty much cleaned out all my baking supplies. What does this mean? Well, that I need to get my slimming buns to the store to get some more!

I cannot wait to get in the kitchen. I just got a brand spanking new baking book. I love you, Taste of Home Baking.


Outback Steakhouse? Yes, please.

6 Feb

My husband took me out to dinner for our anniversary on Saturday while my parents watched Lucian, our son, for a few hours. Our big game plan was to go to the Texas Road House. I have only had their food once and it sure was delicious! When pulling into the plaza and seeing a very full parking lot, we thought we would take our chances. However, when we finally made it through the doors and to tell them we wanted a table for two, they informed us it was a two hour wait. My jaw dropped and I was not about to sit outside for two hours!

So, we said forget it and headed to the Outback Steakhouse. We’ve been here a lot of times and my husband always seems a little disappointed in their steak. Regardless, he insisted on going there. He resolved the dry steak by getting a ridiculously nice cut of meat. Anyway, back to my story, an hour and 15 minute wait. Really? We waited an eternity and finally got our table.

I recently posted I had lost 10 pounds and why is this important? Well, I loaded the hump as Suzy Q said. Yes, that’s my awesome sense of humor shining through. We had a bloomin’ onion which I love so much. I craved it all while I was pregnant with our son. I also got french onion soup, baked sweet potato with honey butter and brown sugar, and Alice Springs chicken. This is heaven, to say the least. I wanted to take a picture for this post, but all I had was my phone and I don’t even have a flash on it.

I got on the scales yesterday and I had lost another pound. How? I don’t know and I am personally amazed with my body. Thank you!

So, that’s my first story. I just needed to brag about it. Now to say, I wish I would have named my blog “Momma and the Muffin Man.” I call my son the muffin man and sing him the song all the time. That would absolutely be adorable. So, keep on the look out. There may be an addition to Momma’s Cookies.

RIP hand mixer

14 Jan

Tragic news. My one and only mixer died the other night. Poor little hand mixer. I would like to say I could go out and buy a yummy Kitchenaid mixer, but looks like I’ll be making a trip to Walmart for a cheapo. I am definitely slowly saving up for one and putting in for every giveaway possible.

On the prowl for a malted milk recipe

9 Jan

I insisted on my husband picking me up some malted milk the other night so I could bake with it. I went to use the recipe I had found and I’m just not thrilled with how it looks. I’m browsing around to see what I can put it in. I might even whip together a little recipe of my own for this. I know one thing, I better put something together for all the nagging I did to get the stuff.

I also have had a craving for some fresh bread. I have a recipe for amish bread, but I think I might try something new. I’ll definitely have to decide what to all make and get the move on it before the day passes me by.